finding out why constantinople got the works

the turkish republic of northern cyprus

Posted in turkey by jlm2dy on December 5, 2010

the turkish republic of northern cyprus is located in the mediterranean, on a split island due to some high tension events in the 60s and 70s…long story short, the greeks and the turks do not get along, despite their cohabitation of the tiny island and walled capital city.

over the past few decades, things have calmed down, although the development between the “greek” nation of cyprus and the “turkish” republic is disparate – “cyprus” (the southern side, predominantly greek and is officially recognized by the UN) is a hot vacation spot for brits and europeans and feels pretty darn “modern”; “kibris” (the northern side, only recognized as a separate entity from “cyprus” by turkey, heavily funded by turkish government) is dilapidated, quiet, relatively undeveloped, ruinous and has a number of walled-off greek ghost towns.

both sides have lingering resentment about the constant conflicts.

old ottoman port, underdeveloped resort town and steep mountains

unsurprisingly, this beach club was abandoned in december, despite the 80 degree weather. went swimming anyway!

another view from the beach club, but this time with a huge memorial from the 1974 coup d’etat

another monument to the turkish soldiers in 1974, feeling some communist vibes here – but note the similarities between the turkish and kibris flags, one never seen without the other…


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