finding out why constantinople got the works

kolajlar yapar | making collages

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cloudy day = catching up

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working on quick drawings that i meant to do ages ago…

haydarpaşa train station, istanbul

koza han silk market, bursa


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cue the tiles!

cue the gravestones!

cue the turkish bath-turned fabric store!

ready, set, BURSA

bursa’dan süpriz (başka)! | (another) surprise from bursa!

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view of the koca han, the final stop of the silk road (and where i spent my life savings in scarves)

osman gazi türbe, with mother of pearl and velvet (and decay)

karagöz müze, home of shadow puppets. despite the cancelled show, we both convinced them to perform for us, and went backstage to operate the puppets for ourselves. türkçe dil dersler, teşekkür ederim! (thank you turkish classes!)

bursa’dan süpriz! | a suprise from bursa

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ulu camii, fountain within the body of the mosque (also, this mosque has 20 domes!!!)

yeşil türbe, stalactite tile work (even though yeşil means green, this is pretty blue and yellow)

a backstage tour of yeşil camii thanks to the manager of tile restoration (inside the lodge for the dervishes)