finding out why constantinople got the works


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parisian cemetary

and back to amsterdam…

i know i went a little overboard this week, but hey, i narrowed it down from 545 pictures in 6 days :)


textures and tombs

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waiting for the louvre to open

amazing detail on this sculpture – bees embroidered on, tassels, fabric folding…

new friends at notre dame

thanks for the rec aunt karin! saint chappelle

marie antoinette’s tomb, adjacent to her jail cell in the conciergerie

bonjour, paris!

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parc de la villette, bernard tschumi 1984-87

not sure what to expect on the descent, then met by 6 million creepy parisian skeletons in the catacombs

scenes from the day

a pensive and exciting afternoon at the rodin and pompidou center

i didn’t believe them when they said the sewage museum would be smelly.
also, atop the arc de triomphe in my stupid beret (purchased out of necessity from cold ears, but i am becoming attached to it)