finding out why constantinople got the works

sticky summer – in early june?

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while the rest of us burn in the sun, kids have started to swim in the fountains near hagia sophia

i live somewhere in that jumbled mess of galata / beyoğlu



exhibition! | sergi!

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the space: kadir has üniversitesi, fine arts department. the glass floor exposes the 14th century cistern atop this former cigarette factory

yay exhibition!
an early crowd, which continued to grow!

fun fact!

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one of my favorite facts about divanyolu caddesi in istanbul is about the effects of westernization in the 19th century: to widen the historic street and bring in modern amenities (cars, trams, services…) leaders decided to remove most buildings and houses in the way, or move them back a few meters.
[çemberlitaş hamamı] 

HOWEVER – some buildings were too significant to move, so instead, domed buildings were sliced in half like a loaf of bread to accomodate the new ‘western boulevard’. cool, huh?

[köprülü mehmet paşa medrese]

is this a sign?

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i have never noticed this fleur-de-lis fence on the galata bridge, or anywhere else in istanbul.
i think i will take it as a sign for where to go next:

NEW ORLEANS!! 2011-2013 (and beyond?)

hâlâ kar yağıyor | it’s still snowing

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what is yaramaz watching??

the snow falling outside our window!!
this mosque had a large fire a few weeks ago…hopefully the restoration is still going speedily


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entropy in eyüp

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personal definition: tendency of life to move towards chaos, random molecular destruction,

and my favorite types of photographs

take a walk on the wild side

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step one: take the tram to the very outskirts of the golden horn

step two: pass through a gate on the walls that mehmet the conqueror sacked in 1453
step three: smell the manure, think for a second and process where these fresh veggies come from daily! couldn’t get any fresher than 2 feet outside of zone 1!

çok meşhur, arkadaşlarım!

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i’ve started to take turkish classes again at the tömer branch in istanbul.
atop all of my workbooks, this is our summer group’s photo in
the annual tömer newsletter on our trip to kapadokya!

where’s waldo? (i’m wearing sunglasses in the far left, middle)

this is the way i live, part 3

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walking to cihangir to get my dry cleaning and hit the gym, i found a horse and buggy selling lemons?